Lost is the route

Cotton blue blanket warms you up
The cold is your friend, the alcohol your refuge
Scrambling, begging, and desperately hoping
For any piece of comfort, for any kind of peace

Bitter breathes of smoke
Toxic clouds of nicotine
You keep quitting, you keep coming back
You find an end, it finds you back

The substance is the only way,
When you’re lost in your own bedroom
Inconvenient stubborn emotions
Numb it, and spill it all over the floor

Tip the jar of endless melancholy
Let the downpour flow like a powerful storm
Raise your hand and call out for help
Let the loneliness silence your cries

But don’t despair, this is just a sad story
You are your sadness, just as you are your happiness
Bask in it, and let it wash you
For cleanliness comes along with the shower

Foundation is strong when it is built from rock bottom
Face the day, survive it, and do it again
You hope for tomorrow, and tomorrow does come
Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, so remember yesterday

You were reaching out and calling for help
And what do you know, what a brilliant plot
The hand that takes and pulls your hand,
Is your own as you tend to the cries of your past

There is no shame in helping yourself
Find your substance and use it, but always take heed
Let your heart wallow when it needs
Let it dive and sink all the way into the deep

For this is the truest nature of life
Sadness is just as uncommon as happiness
You get used to it like the scar on your knee
You fall when you rise, you rise when you fall

When you were a child, you always dreamed of flying
Now you open your eyes and reality becomes the flight
The reason it rises and drops is because of the height
You can only plummet because you’re already in the sky

Up or down, so long as it’s forward
You were always the pilot, you were always in control
The plane is yours, so keep heading north
Just don’t forget it, and you will always soar


Photo: Twin Peaks, San Francisco, California, USA (July 2016)

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