Melancholy, what a drug, what a powerful drug
It gives me so much pleasure to feel this way
A heavy weight that carries me down
A deep sunken low, when the high is not what I crave

A bitter and sour taste in my mouth
A tasteful delicacy unlike no other
Why happiness is all we want, I’ll never know
I’ll take tragedies over triumph, I know I will

For the water so clear cleanses my soul
The tears I shed, they nourish my heart
My hunger for cries, a humble beat
Like nothing a boastful laughter can ever achieve

Our society they shame our striking differences
That anything unhappy is a disgrace to the masses
Some people need pleasure, some people need pain
The latter I know is not always in vain

I’m glad I know exactly what I am
I don’t need to prove my undying desire
My heart knows it wants, and not my mind
Melancholy is my drug, it is the wood to my fire

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