Miles of bare emptiness expands beyond the eye
The desolation of a desert is not a land of nothingness
It is a rich field of uncondensed body of knowledge
Unhampered, untamed, uncontrolled by the biases

No kings or alphas running the pack
No boundaries keeping our unsullied inhibitions
Here beauty runs its own bewildering course
Here freedom reigns equal and infinite

Limits are conceived from a space contained
A box that is drawn with lines sketched with lies
Idealism is a single idea made rich
While a universe awaits the mind unchained

Step into the soil of limitless grounds
With arrows pointing in aimless directions
Capture the force of unlimited possibilities
Run towards the sky, swim into the earth

Downfall is only the regulation of gravity
Erase the laws and acquit the liabilities
Obligation is the nuisance of our immunity
Our summary is the handicap of the unabridged whole

Let us be susceptible to significant differences
Let our variances confuse our singular definitions
Equality is born in the middle of contrast
If you don’t have all sides, you will never have a centre

Break free to the assumption of the great unknown
Realise the probability of the world indeterminate
The wilderness is not a barren acre of void
But a vacancy unchartered, indefinite to the ascertained

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